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11 September, 2005

Although temperatures in the nineties might have you believing otherwise, autumn will soon be upon us. One sure sign is the annual emergence of the Sunday afternoon man-children of both Fox and CBS. Sure enough, when these macho douchebags take to the air you can bet the leaves will soon be falling from the trees like so much of Terry Bradshaw's hair.
This year, not unlike previous seasons, I wonder why the networks resist hiring any "talent" that will make my stomach turn less. Watching the current list of clowns in their bad suits dance around while demonstrating the on-sides kick is a test of self control I fail every time. To hear them describe the upcoming games you might confuse the discussion for something of true worth, what with the board room attire and seriousness with which each point is conveyed. They somehow manage to take what is still just a game and elevate it to the status of a UN meeting (complete with Britney Spears-style earpieces, in the case of the CBS crew). Meanwhile, in rec rooms across America, grown men in jerseys adorned with the name of their favorite athlete (does that give you a gay vibe too?) take it all in like so much bad country music.
To be sure, I like watching pro football insofar as I watch the Bears when they make it on tv. The slapstick pre-game shitfest, though, will have me spending the next month relishing the remaining baseball season and looking ahead to college basketball when it ends (with a White Sox championship).

Posted by JP

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