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26 September, 2005

A Clean Slate

This weekend I managed to screw up my computer beyond simple repair. I loaded a Google toolbar for Firefox and all hell broke loose. The toolbar didn't install properly and so Firefox became disabled. In locating the files in the registry I managed to delete something I shouldn't have (or so I assume I did) and soon iTunes and GoLive weren't functional. Ditto Quicktime. And while that should be fascinating enough for readers of this blog to feast on, it gets worse. In a wave of frustration, mania and panic I signed on the dotted line (read: paid money) for an online computer tech to solve my problem.
An hour and a half, and a small fortune later my problem persisted. The computer tech took over my screen and, at a snail's pace, pored over the registry searching for files. Another tech, to my growing anger, installed a spyware detector to solve the problem. Yes, I was paying through the nose for someone in Canada to run a spyware check on my computer. Finally, at the next stopping point where I would be required to shell out more loot, I gave up. Problem not solved.
The next day I called the University help line (why hadn't I done this first?) and asked for assistance. The voice on the other end suggested I perform a clean install of XP. And so I did. Problem solved! Which leads-finally-to the point of this dull post. Like a good spring cleaning, clearing your computer of all the files, downloads and junk is incredibly rejuvenating. To be sure, backing up all of my files was no party, but staring at the empty canvas that is my current desktop and start menu is satisfying in a way I've never experienced. I wouldn't recommend just doing it for fun, but if you find yourself in a situation like the one I faced, I certainly wouldn't dread it.
Now if you'll excuse me, I'm late for my
SCA meeting.

Posted by JP

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