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13 September, 2005

I love candy. I have since I was a kid and my best friend would buy us bags of it with the wads of money he'd stolen from his parents. We used to hang out in front of the drugstore in our quiet downtown after school stuffing Giant Chewy Sweet Tarts down our throats and eating Spree by the handful. At thirty-four I don't eat bags of candy much these days. I am known, however, to devour a pint of ice cream in minutes, thus giving me my hourglass figure.
Today I enjoyed a delicious Take 5 candy bar, by Hershey's. It consists of pretzels covered in caramel, the product of which is then covered in chocolate. There is little I like more than the satisfying contrast of sugar and salt. The only problem is that I now find that my mouth has gone numb. Could it be from the candy? Perhaps it's a reaction between the candy and the bag of potato chips I ate before it (ahem...hourglass figure). Either way, it's unsettling. Yet it does provide an opportunity for a series of controlled experiments involving candy bars and jalapeno potato chips. All is well.

Posted by JP

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