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25 September, 2005

Lessons on Coping

Dear Joel,
It was with great sadness that I read your latest, "macho!" post about the faltering White Sox. Being both a fan, and former player for the Chicago Cubs, I know what it's like to look failure and embarassment in the eye. It's brutal and gut-wrenching; makes you want to puke your egg salad sandwich all over your deck shoes. It's all those things, but one thing it ain't is persistent. Your feelings of despair have a shelf life. Although I continue to face rejection from the Hall of Fame and the Cubs continue to play well beneath their potential, I and so many others who jam the ballpark each day couldn't give a flying fuck. Mediocrity has so warped our sensibilities that we could care less if the Cubs even show up, provided it's sunny, the cigars are hand-rolled and the beer is cold. Naturally you don't have the mystique our little "ball yard" up here offers, but certainly the thumpety thump of latino-tinged music and the cold PBR of "the Cel" could have the desired effect. If not, there's always room up here (provided your wallet is thick [like my rug]) for ya.
In closing, I'd just like to add that there are more important things than finishing a season strong and racking up playoff wins. Should the White Sox fail to make the postseason you can celebrate the minor achievement of winning record like we've been able to do a few times over the past twenty years. Now that's livin'!
Keep it real,
Rawnny Santo

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