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27 September, 2005

Support the Troops

This seems like the right thing to do when you imagine your support is for a bunch of kids giving their all to free an oppressed people or defend a nation from an abstract villain who aims to harm you and yours. It becomes less clear what this means however when you learn your support might instead be directed toward those who would kill civilians, abuse prisoners and, now, those who would use images of death as currency for purchasing porn online.
Unlike our president I try not to see things in black and white. Therefore, I don't for a minute believe that every person in the military is hateful and hell bent on destroying every thing and person they come in contact with. Likewise however, it would be naive to think there aren't a number of them doing just that. Which is why I get pissed off by statements like "Support the Troops!" and "You are either with us or you're with the terrrists." That brand of ridiculous inflexibility doesn't allow thinking people to look at a war as anything less than an unrealistic good versus evil scenario. Which is probably just fine for the manufacturers of this jingoistic nonsense anyway. The real goal for these assholes is not that you support the troops, but rather that you support their brand of government. The troops, to them, are nothing more than a cynical tool used as a shield for their immoral doings. Shame on them.
I support the troops insofar as I don't want them to die and want them to get home yesterday. I don't support those who would kill or rape for sport. These people need help, as they are either numb to "normal" human behavior due to war, or they were fucked up in the head to begin with. To reflexively admonish those who would question them isn't doing the troops any favors and isn't aiding in an outcome that might someday resemble success.

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