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13 September, 2005

What to do?
A new ad on NYTimes. com alerts readers to the upcoming change in policy on the website. Many of the most read sections will now be subscriber based as part of their, "Times Select" service. If you're like me and you read the Op Ed section every day, this is a real bummer. Mostly because I don't read much else, preferring to get my information from a number of sources. I'm forced to decide, therefore, if reading Paul Krugman is worth forty clams a year. I certainly won't miss that asswipe, Tom Friedman, but the others I've grown accustomed to having at my disposal for free. Not much of a John Tierney fan, but David Brooks is often good for a laugh. And what would Sunday be without Frank Rich? Saturday? Alas, this is going to take some serious contemplation to figure out.

Posted by JP

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