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26 October, 2005

Empty tank

'Round about the 10th inning my roommate had to go to sleep and/or had about enough of my psychotic, surly attitude. I stayed/remain awake.
Maintaining an unhealthy following for a baseball team can be pretty stressful under normal circumstances. When your team takes a tie game into the 14th inning of game three in the World Series, nerves reach levels your body is not accustomed to experiencing. Inning after inning I watched as the supposed dregs of the White Sox bench got into the most ridiculous of jams on the mound, only to wiggle out in breathtaking fashion. The Astros failed to score with what seemed like men on base in every inning and Sox pitchers famous for floundering managed to hold on.
On the other side of the innings the bats of the pale hose I've grown to expect miracles from fell silent or were put on base in a strategy indicative of a National league park. Those who made it on base seemed to be involved in unbelievable double plays on the part of the Astros. Had Houston won I would not be this charitable, but what they managed to pull off until the end was a defensive clinic. As much can be said about their pitchers save for the last-Astacio I think, who Geoff Blum tagged for the game winning homer. This is the same Geoff Blum who I heard interviewed earlier in the day on the radio. The host cautioned Blum to be ready for anything, that the World Series is known to crown unlikely heroes. Indeed, indeed it does. Who would have imagined how prescient that advice was to be. Cursing the double play that preceeded the homerun as I braced myself for another half inning of shutout ball, it certainly wasn't me. How wonderfully wrongheaded my cynicism was.
So now it's nearly 2:00 a.m. but it feels like quittin' time on a Friday afternoon. The celebration ale (PBR) is flowing and sports radio is taking calls from happy, if tired fans. As a faithful Chicago baseball fan I will assume the Astros can come back and win four straight, but I have to admit to feeling slightly more at ease for now. Holy shit, one game away. Holy shit

Posted by JP

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