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31 October, 2005

Final Thoughts

There are rumors circulating that an outfielder for a MLB playoff team has tested positive for steroids. As I am about to write a brief but glowing final comment on the 2005 Sox, this has me nervous.
As a Sox fan (in exile), the World Series championship was a personal dream that at long last came true and will most certainly make the upcoming winter warmer and sunnier-if only figuratively.
Strange and perhaps unique to Chicago, this Sox championship will impact another team and its fans for a while to come-the Chicago Cubs. As much as I have tried to ignore the northsiders, I find myself recounting their run in 2003 and the future of the organization. Petty, no doubt, yet in doing so I've discovered what made this Sox team so darned special and unusual in pro sports. Whereas the Cubs followed up their near World Series birth with an obscene level of arrogance and an assumption of destiny (leading to their demise), this season saw a White Sox team that was quiet and measured. The Sox avoided episodes of individual selfishness and instead played as a unit, save for the bizarre departure of Damaso Marte at one point during the season. Not even Frank Thomas, who today played the first card in the game that will see his contract destroyed, made a peep about money, something he has too often found necessary to discuss while still in uniform.
If the regular season was calm, the post-season veered only slightly from the theme. To be sure, there was some jawing and gamesmanship (dropped third strike anyone?), but the players never were seen puffing out their chests or lending the impression that they weren't anything but grateful and fortunate to be playing so well against their competition. Which, in hindsight, is really something to be thankful for in an era of off-the-field nonsense, bloated payrolls, steroids and apathy. I no doubt start each morning with a glass of White Sox Kool Aid, but I make this assessment honestly. The lowest rated Series ever, by definition, had the fewest viewers, but I am certain those who bothered were pleased with the professionalism they witnessed (umpires notwithstanding). I would still have been happy had a bunch of jackasses in black won it all, but the way this team presented itself to the public was truly outstanding and will lead to some fond memories for years to come.

Bear down? There aren't enough favorable calls in the cosmos to make that happen.

Posted by JP

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