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06 October, 2005

Ooooo So Hot!

For a few years now the gaunt, emaciated look for women (and sadly, girls) has been in. It HAS never, and WILL never be sexy. Take this photo, ripped from Sports Illustrated's latest "Swimsuit Issue." When I was a kid in Catholic school we used to go door to door collecting money in a plastic loaf of bread for people that looked like this. Now I'm supposed to find it sexy!? The only things missing are the flies resting on her nose and lips. Airbrushing, I guess. Call me superficial, but no thanks hon-ay. I'd be surprised to learn someone actually wanted to get busy with this coat rack. And perhaps no one will, which might one day lead to Catholic school kids going door to door with plastic dildos collecting money for male prostitutes to pleasure the walking skeletons we have created for our own "pleasure." Wake me when this trend is over.

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