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13 October, 2005

Who's to Blame?

If you haven't seen or heard about this you probably don't watch too much baseball and likely don't want to read further. The White Sox beat the Angels last night following what the homeplate umpire ruled a dropped third strike. I was watching the game and saw all of the replays, which at first weren't fine enough to tell anything one way or another. This didn't stop the ass-clowns calling the game for Fox from judging the pitch as being caught. Which is funny, since we were all watching the same images, me with my perfect vision and the aging announcers (Joe Buck [jackass] being young in years only) with their glasses on.
When the producers went in tight and slowed the replay down considerably, it appeared to me that the ball changed course suddenly at the end. It looked like the ball hit the ground before the glove. But it's a moot point. Like an NBA player flailing to elicit a foul call, or a wide receiver begging for the pass interference, Pierzynski ran to first with nothing to lose and everything to gain. The umpire bit like a fish, botched the call, and AJ was aboard. Whether or not the ball ever hit the ground was unimportant as the umpire became unglued and confused.
The Sox went on to win the game and now, along with their fans, are paying for it in the media. The assumption by too many writers is not simply that the ump's screwed up, but that the Sox did something illegal. Which is like saying Michael Jordan misbehaved by flopping to the ground from a supposed charge. Even more humiliating is the widespread assumption that the Angels had the game stolen from them. Sure, they might have won in the end, but too many writers seem to be under the impression that the Angels were ahead when the call occured.
So now the playoffs will continue and the White Sox will be even less popular. They will be accused of cheating and the poor poor Angels who had to travel like mad (because they had a rainout and played a Game 5) will be the emotional favorites. The Sox, having done nothing more than sweep Boston and try every last way to win at home, will be viewed as villains for taking a break any other team would have been happy to have. It's unfair, and neither the White Sox players nor their fans deserve to be painted as undeserving or guilty of a crime. Shame on those who use their influence to spread such bullshit.

Posted by JP

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