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20 November, 2005


When I'm unable to control my emotions I will take a few minutes to point out how ridiculously macho and blockheaded the pre-game teams are for both major networks covering football on Sunday. Although it's the same heap of overblown windbaggery each week, I can't help but marvel at the collection of man-children with their bad suits, corny jokes and false patriotism among other annoying trademarks. Is this the best they can put out there?
I'm often far less incredulous about the voices calling the actual game, but this has likely been dueto my previous ability to tune into WBBM radio to listen to Bears broadcasters and tune out the national dipsticks. Living now in Madison, Wisconsin, this is not always an option with AM signal strength varying.
So today I found myself happy to be watching the Bears instead of the Packers or Vikings (the usual Madison offerings) but bummed out enduring the national play-by-play. The broadcasting team assigned to the game was not as offensive as the Terry, Howie, JB moron hour, but they were right down there in the bottom of the stupid bucket, beneath the likes of Tony Danza and Freddie Prinz, Jr.
The greatest blunder I witnessed was the explanation of the strength of the Bears offensive line by one of the generic no-necks in the booth. The slow-motion replay focussed on Kyle Orton getting ready to pass and the announcer-to prove his point about Orton having all day to throw-counted off the seconds for everyone at home.
"One one thousand, two one thousand, three one thousand..."
Wow, that is a lot of time! Except that while this anus was counting in real time he was watching something occur in slow motion. Did he not think to adopt a baritone voice and count ever so slowly as the action unfolded frame-by-frame? Sad.

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