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05 December, 2005

Happy Holidays

Year two of the Christmas controversy-that isn't-is underway, orchestrated by the same handful of asswipes who tried this shit last year.
There are a couple of levels the situation exists on as is the case with all "crises" the right invents to rally people around. On one level there's the message for true believers: liberals, fags, and jews/muslims hate Jesus and want to destroy Christmas. Little more than fabricated anecdotes about people choosing to say "happy holidays" instead of "merry Christmas" are offered to support the claim. Which doesn't matter since the folks who will get into a lather over it aren't likely to weigh any of the competing details anyway. It's enough for them to have heard the "truth" from whatever loudmouth, insecure radio/tv personality they favor. These people, who honestly believe Christmas is under attack, create an echo chamber which turns a non-story into a real story.
The fervor exists on another level for the people who start the movement in the first place. These are the folks who, knowing full well a crisis doesn't exist, nonetheless use their influence to convince the masses that Christmas is under attack (or that gay people operate recruiting centers in area highschools...). For them the issue isn't important so much as spreading fear is, and with it, obedience. Opting not to value the ability of their audience to make informed decisions, they instead choose to inject a ready-made point of view into the willing minds of millions.
It all seems rather silly insofar as destroying Christmas is about as plausible as destroying Mondays, or terrorism. You can't make Jesus unborn. Furthermore, even if you are inclined to believe Christmas can be threatened, there's nothing new about the forces attacking it: it's the same old capitalism that's co-opted the holiday for decades. It's toymakers and retailers and anyone who gets up at 4 a.m. to go shopping the day after Thanksgiving. For that matter, it's anyone who refers to a tree adorned with colored lights as a Christmas tree. And while it may include a fair number of fags and liberals, it's by no means an exclusive club.
Peel back the curtain and the "controversy" over Christmas is nothing more than another cynical exercise in manipulation. Far right strategists create a war that can't be won and fan the flames as long as the anger will last. In doing so they they paint themselves as the champions of a popular holiday in hopes of becoming the de facto owners (see also patriotism). The ingenuity of the deception is exceeded only by the level of contempt the creators reserve for their unwitting adherents.

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