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19 February, 2006

Crazy People

My life as a library employee in a large college town puts me in contact with a variety of crazy people. And by crazy, I mean insane. That, or they've simply taken too many tabs over the years and can no longer think clearly.
My conversations aren't the most rewarding in the world but I will rarely turn away any of the loons who chat me up. There is one, however, who just left the building. Forty-five minutes of one-sided conversation he delivered! That just ain't fair. If I'm gonna nod in approval as you tell me about your boat excursion up the Royal River and the 1972 Ford Pinto you owned, the least you can do is allow me to share my own experiences. This guy? No sir. He talked and talked and talked and I never got to say anything. And even when I did, he acted like he didn't even hear me.
If you happen to be silly in the head or just overly talkative with strangers, please be courteous and allow for some back and forth. You may think you're talking to a dragon or the ghost of Marty Feldman, but let me assure you that's a real person sitting there quietly and nodding his head. That said, take a breather sometime and wait for a response from the void you're speaking into. It's common courtesy, mang!

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