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19 April, 2006

Bran doh

I've not seen a lot of Marlon Brando movies. I think it has a little to do with the fact that he reminds me so much of my brother, Charlie. Which isn't so bad, it's just that I'm trying to lose myself in movies, and seeing what you believe to be your brother is definitely going to hamper that.
I watched "
On the Waterfront" this evening and I was most pleasantly surprised. It's heavy handed to be sure, but by paying close attention to Brando I can see what all the hubbub is about over his acting. He was incredible. I concentrated on his facial features and he appeared to be in a trance, so deep was his commitment to the character. It was really pretty impressive. I would like to see more of his earlier work.
One other neat thing about the movie occurred in the beginning. There appeared to be a moth or moths flying in and out of some earlier scenes. I was able to slow down the dvd to check them out. I haven't listened to the commentary yet, but I would interested to learn if this was common for films of the time (attracting insects because of the lights), or if it happened to be a result of the location they were filming in. If you rent the movie, watch for some annoying moth shadows during the first 45 minutes of the film.

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What a cute kid! Brando was such an interesting character, in movies and in life. See "Last Tango in Paris' and you'll never think of a stick of butter in the same way again. Hmmm... I never noticed the moth thing, interesting... now I will be scrutinizing all the old faves for flying insects, thanks.

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