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10 April, 2006

Sniffin' tees

Heidi, from the internet, wonders if I managed to steal away from my former apartment with a fistful of wifebeater tees fresh off the sweaty back of the old German man. I can only hope this a rhetorical question. In the words of Hawk Harrelson, "yes!"
When Madison grows cold and gray and I am made to feel a prisoner in my home, I frequently turn to my generous supply of soiled t-shirts to remind me of summer. I light a fireplace log, turn out the lights and pull one my prized mementos over my sunken chest. As my own sweat re-energizes the residual old man sweat, I am instantly transported back to my tiny Chicago apartment. Before long the aroma overcomes me and I am unable to keep myself from huffing the belly portion of the shirt like some teenager would a gasoline covered cloth. I pass out eventually, I'm not sure for how long, but when I awake I am in the most pleasant physical and emotional state one can imagine.

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