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13 June, 2006

Sam Dumb-aldson

I listened to nearly a minute of an interview with Sam Donaldson on the radio this morning before good judgment forced me to turn the dial. Commenting on the ongoing World Cup, Donaldson maintained that US apathy regarding the games was due to our preference for "action," as seen in the NFL. Admittedly, I am no huge soccer fan, but I've watched enough to know that the on-field play is near constant. Contrast that to "American football" where timeouts, huddles and-perhaps the worst-referee reviews present frequent opportunities to run to the bathroom.
Before turning the station I endured further observations as Donaldson tried lamely to contrast our football fans with soccer fans throughout the world. He had the nerve to disparage soccer fans for drunkenness and fighting, willfully ignoring the popular coupling of beer and macho bullshit to our own game by marketers. His claims were so removed from reality that I concluded he had never watched a soccer game and was instead practicing in tired-ass American chest thumping.
I imagine if the US hadn't been so thorougly embarassed in its opening match, this douchebag's tune might have differed slightly. What a prick.

Posted by JP |

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You wanted Sam Donaldson to actually watch a soccer match before commenting on it? Get real!

Perhaps you could "Stump Sam" with a question about offside offense or the conditions under which an indirect free kick is awarded and get yourself a nifty hat.

Posted by Anonymous Faust Gertz #  


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